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    Friday, February 2, 2018

    Tinder clone to initiate your online dating app

    Did you know the online dating is getting good revenue with the increase in number of single youngsters availing the dating apps to find their matches.

    Statistics had put forth the fact that almost 87 percent of the american males believes that online dating is socially acceptable and the same thought agreed with the 83 percent of the female too.

    Tinder is an exclusive dating app which has grown bigger on its distribution worldwide sums to second quarter of 2015, in that survey they found the global users of tinder were 62 percent of male and 38 percent of female.

    Tinder clone possess almost all the features a dating app should have. To establish a dating app similar to tinder is not a big deal anymore for the startups and entrepreneurs with HowzU.

    Tinder clone dating app let the users to find their match and soulmates in a social way. You can now easily login or signup for your howzu user profile quickly with your facebook social media account.

    HowzU designed with the powerful NodeJs technology for the users to experience an excellent real time chatting environment. Material UI is the next added backing for the app as it gives the elegant usability and stability for the users.  

    Animated gestures for the users to get a different swiping way for match suggestions to match and pass on to next. HowzU understands the user's need, so it availed the discovery preferences filters to set on gender and age basis. So the users can instantly find their matches on their mind.

    The security for the app user is the important factor for anytime of web or applications. HowzU has the options to block or ban the particular device or users. Thus this tinder clone has the secured factor it's adaptable for female users.

    So with these features and still more features are about to lineup in the upcoming versions of HowzU. If you are among the entrepreneurs who wants to launch alike tinder clone dating app to earn a good revenue, you can go with HowzU which is easily customizable which stand up to your thought process.

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